Helping our clients make important strategic and policy decisions

We work with clients to create winning strategies, develop new products and services, and make important strategic decisions about growth and innovation. Many of our projects involve an in-depth knowledge of digital media and technology.

Our areas of specialism

We help our clients to develop effective responses to changes across their industries –finding new revenue models, exploring emerging digital opportunities, and winning and retaining customers.

We understand that successful strategies involve many different decisions and coordinated actions, taking account of an organisation’s culture and rhythm, its capabilities, assets and relationships.

Our clients are continuously adapting to fast-moving digital media and communications markets by developing new brands, products and services. MTM provides support across every phase of this new product development process, from ideation and opportunity assessment to concept execution.

We provide objective counsel and advice on all stages of the acquisition process, from acquisition identification and assessment to integration. Our clients range from corporate acquisition teams and leading private equity groups through to commercial clients seeking to dispose of an asset or enter a joint venture.

MTM supports the development of public policy and regulation by providing evidence to and expert advice and support for policy makers and regulators at a UK and European level. We also advise companies seeking to understand or change policy and regulation.