MTM was delighted to participate at a wide range of industry leading events and conferences throughout 2016. To arrange a meeting with a member of MTM’s team who attended any of the events below or to find out more, please email

Events we have hosted

The Technology Pathfinders Forum is a new networking group for broadcast executives interested in exploring innovations and future trends in operations and technology. The Forum is an invite-only event, intended to support the exchange of ideas and experiences and to enable business collaboration.

Cloud and virtualised solutions for media management, playout and distribution have been hailed as the future of broadcasting. New cloud-based solutions are challenging traditional, hardware-based approaches, promising cost savings, increased speed to market and unsurpassed flexibility. But what’s the real state of cloud-based TV today?

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Online video is coming of age. The dramatic growth of video consumption across a wide range of platforms has unleashed new opportunities for advertisers to engage with audiences, stimulating rapid growth in spending. Online video is becoming an essential part of the media mix for brands. In response, multichannel networks (MCNs) and a growing range of non-broadcaster media businesses are ramping up investment in online video, stimulating competition and innovation across the market. Increasingly, the worlds of TV and online video are converging, as broadcasters embrace multi-platform and invest in ‘digital first’ content and digital businesses move into television.

In this forum event, we are going to be focusing predominantly on the creative and commercial opportunities presented for media owners by ad-funded online video, AFP, branded content, online originals, and so on – although I’m sure we’ll touch upon the wider TV and video advertising ecosystems as well.


On Wednesday 21st September, MTM will be hosting a Breakfast Seminar at The Hospital Club. The theme for this session will be: ‘The new rules of platform engagement – are online video subscriptions changing the way we consume and pay for video content?’.


In our next Forum, we will be exploring the growth and development of the UK video games industry, and opportunities for major media enterprises to collaborate with it.

We will be looking at how games form a core part of entertainment strategies, with examples of exciting cross-platform brands (e.g. Star Wars, The Walking Dead and the like), as well as the many ways in which the video games and other media can learn from each other.


After the success of our first inaugral Technology Pathfinders event in May, we are very excited to announce that we will be hosting another event! The theme of this event is premium/subscription OTT.

Premium OTT offerings – subscription film and TV services delivered over the internet to connected devices – are proliferating, as TV businesses, tech firms, rights holders and other industry participants look to capitlaise on growing consumer demand for low-cost, all-you-can eat premium video services. The market is widely expected to grow, but developing, launching and operating a new OTT service can be challenging. Many industry participants believe the underlying solutions are still immature, requiring complex build programmes and multiple vendors, and managing subscriber relationships remains challenging.

Find out more about the event at

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Come meet us in Munich, Stockholm, Dubai, Toronto, New York, LA and London as we host thePlatform’s 2016 seminar!

More details to follow!


After the success of our Technology Pathfinders events earlier in the year, we are very excited to announce that we will be hosting another event! The theme of this event is top media industry technology trends for 2017 and beyond.

What does the remainder of the decade hold for media and technology? During the last few years, dramatic improvements in underlying technologies and services – faster broadband networks and improved interconnectivity, more powerful processors, better software and applications, cloud-based computing services and systems – have dramatically changed the media market. Video consumption has proliferated across new platforms and devices; media management, playout and distribution are being transformed by cloud-based services and virtualisation; real-time media services are disrupting the consumption of news; and new formats like augmented and virtual reality are rapidly gaining traction.

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Events we attended

The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. In 2016 the fair will take place at Olympia, West London, and cover all aspects of the publishing industry.


In a world that is increasingly becoming disengaged with traditional news media, can the insights offered by UX expertise help media outlets and content producers find new and effective ways to capture audience attention, and deliver rich, marketable and customer-led media?


We are approaching D-Day – that is, Data Analytics Day, the moment when investments can be delayed no more, when strategies must be outlined, justified and implemented; when Pay TV operators and their channel partners must make data analytics a priority as they look to improve user experiences, increase loyalty and drive new revenues. D-Day is also the opportunity to diversify the revenue base – as witnessed at pioneering media companies like Cablevision with its audience insights service and Sky with its advanced advertising business.


TV Connect 2016 is the principal global based show focusing on the evolution of the Connected Entertainment industry, bringing together a unique mix of leaders in OTT TV, Pay TV, Broadcast, Cable, Broadband and Telco, with leading Technology Providers.


Taking place against a backdrop of shifting consumption trends and market dynamics underpinning the supply of children’s media content, this seminar will offer a timely opportunity to consider the future for the UK children’s content industry.


Now in its 10th year, the DTG Summit is our annual conference, dedicated to driving the TV and digital media industry forward. Gathering the finest minds in the industry, from broadcast to manufacturers and retailers, the Summit 2016 is an opportunity to debate and tackle key challenges and ensure we continue pushing the industry forward.


With the landscape changing so fast, INTX is your opportunity to be part of what happens next. This event is for everyone who’s part of the new media economy. You don’t want to miss a moment.


Content owners, distributors and marketers are exploring and embracing a number of new business models including addressable TV and programmatic TV. They are finding emerging opportunities with VOD and IP-delivered live streaming. They are using new distribution platforms with “smart” TV’s, OTT, mobile and a plethora of new devices. All the while, marketers and their agencies are shifting strategies to find new audiences and value for brands. What are the opportunities?


Taking Asia Pacific by storm, IDC predicted that by the end of 2017, 60 per cent of APAC 1000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. Bringing together global leaders as well as emergent players providing the technology and innovations that are enabling digital transformation of businesses and cities all around Asia.


The VOD and TV industry has been disrupted over the past few years with unimaginable technological and user-behaviour habits across TV, mobile, tablets, social media and new multi-media forms of watching and sharing content. Nevertheless the ultimate goal for the media and VOD industry, remains how to engage audiences, provide high-quality content and re-configure their revenue models to remain profitable and be able to re-invest in further content, digital and commercial advancements.

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The meeting will see high level executives from egta members discuss the future of TV and radio: “New vision. New narrative.” Some of the topics that will be tackled over the two days include: the new narratives of television and radio in the increasingly sophisticated video and audio marketplace, fresh B2B strategies, convincing communication strategies, compelling brand building initiatives.


The ESEA is designed as an advanced programme, strategic in nature, and a real mind opener for Executives in management positions within TV sales houses, where the rhythm of work rarely allows for time to look out for inspiration in Europe. The ESEA offers a unique inspirational agenda for Managers and team leaders who aspire to have a deep knowledge of the television business and a deep impact on the strategy of their company.


The leading dedicated event for cable and media industries in Europe: reimagined for 2016 and beyond

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The Fair and Congress ABTA since 1992, is a reference in the debate about the direction of the TV market by signing in Brazil. It is the main pay TV event, electronic media and telecommunications in Latin America.


The Children’s Media Conference is the most important event in the UK calendar for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content for kids. The Children’s Media Conference welcomes the widest possible participation from the whole spectrum of the children’s media and entertainment industries. We open our doors to delegates from television, radio, film, games, interactive media, magazine and book publishing, the licensing and toy sectors and the arts and culture sectors.


IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.


Within the framework of our investors’ conferences, selected companies from the universe covered by us meet the investors serviced by us. Company presentations, one-on-ones and other events lead to an intense exchange of information.


The consumer is in control. The internet has fundamentally changed modern life- the devices in people’s pockets offer an unprecedented level of power and choice, not just in the media we consume, but in almost every aspect of daily life. Digital media has empowered us in every purchase decision we make, every app we choose to have on our screen, and every brand we interact with online.


The path to a fully digital reality for television and radio: its impact on sales, pricing and marketing.

An afternoon dedicated to new initiatives and projects developed by egta members within their Sales & Pricing departments: new packages, new ways to manage different type of accounts, new ways of integrating data in the selling process, innovation in sales methods etc.


Join your peers at Europe’s largest VR and AR event, unlocking the commercial potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality with three action-packed days of presentations, debates and networking and in-depth case studies across a wide range of entertainment and enterprise verticals.

• Network with the leading VR & AR players across the world
• Learn from 80+ speakers from the forefront of Virtual and Augmented Reality worldwide
• Immerse yourself in first-hand knowledge from our purposefully case-study rich agenda
• Determine how to benefit financially from the VR & AR wave
• Benefit from exciting features including: Hackathon, Investor Clinic, Start-Up Pavilion,
Creative Content Workshops and a Large Exhibition
• Learn from Manufacturer demonstrations, market case studies, forecasts, projections
and in-depth debates from right across the ecosystem
• AR and VR Case Studies on Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, Retail, Military, Construction, Engineering, Live Events, Education, Gaming and Entertainment

A unique and comprehensive standalone event, VR & AR World will bring together leading VR & AR
technology manufacturers, enterprises, app developers, content creators, investors, analysts, hardware and software vendors, fixed and mobile network operators, government and regulators, VR & AR associations, academics and media from right across the world.


The Connected Consumer

Broadband World Forum is globally recognised as the meeting place for senior executives from fixed, mobile and cable operators all around the world, to congregate and discuss the future of the broadband industry.

  • Building the Networks of the Future
  • Capitalising on Next Generation Services
  • Preparing for Tomorrow’s Connected World


The OTTtv World Summit reflects the shifting boundaries of the connected entertainment industry, with a primary focus on how traditional broadcasters, telcos and content aggregators can work more closely with media organisations, content owners and big brands to drive consumer interaction with video in a meaningful and seamless way.


The conference is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, discuss, debate and network with others in our industry and we hope to see as many as possible of you there.

Warsaw is the birthplace of Frédéric Chopin, the composer and pianist, and his talent and creativity will be influencing our plans for the conference – even our ticket prices!  In keeping with this, we have chosen “Orchestrating curiosity” as our theme.


Engaging with Millennials and Generation Z: commercial opportunities, trends and marketing strategies

Building on knowledge shared at the Westminster Media Forum’s first Media for the Millennials seminar last year, this seminar will offer delegates a renewed opportunity to build a deeper understanding of the key differentiators between Millennials and their sucessors Generation Z, and to deconstruct common myths created through the generalisation process about their needs and expectations.


The Future Games Summit is a brand new two-day conference which will examine current and future trends across the entire spectrum of the interactive entertainment industry.

The two-day programme will inform and inspire delegates who work within the games industry – and beyond – with topics and seminar sessions designed to enable delegates to get the absolute most out of their experience.