MTM is delighted to be participating at and arranging a wide range of industry leading events and conferences during the course of 2017. To arrange a meeting with a member of MTM’s team at any of the events below or to find out more, please email

Events we are hosting

In our next Forum, we will be exploring The Future of Sports Media: All to Play For?

Televised sports remain a hugely valuable component of the broadcasting industry, with an unparalleled ability to attract subscribers and large live audiences. However, the market is changing rapidly. Rights costs are increasingly dramatically, as new buyers – telcos, OTT providers, broadcasters – enter the market, bidding up prices and, in some cases, pulling rights and audiences away from free-to-air channels, often resulting in reduced reach. As OTT offerings continue to gain traction, some sports organisations are carving out new direct-to-consumer digital offerings, while pay-TV providers are increasingly streaming sports over digital platforms, creating new opportunities for advertisers. The major messaging and social media platforms are also investing, looking to grow streaming on their platforms and developing new ad-funded offerings to complement live sports. Consumer behavior is shifting, with some industry participants concerned that traditional sports are losing their appeal.

How has the sports media market changed during the last few years? Are OTT and streaming media set to disrupt the sector? What challenges and opportunities are being created for TV advertisers and sponsors? What are the prospects for new sports offerings and formats? Are younger audiences really turning off televised sports on TV – or is demand still robust? What role will the major internet platforms play – as a complement or competitor to traditional broadcasters and pay-TV businesses? Is a Netflix for sports a realistic prospect? What kinds of opportunities are being created by the growth of mobile viewing and AR/VR? How will the sports media market evolve through to 2020 – and beyond?

We are delighted to announce that the panel for the forum will include: Ben Gallop, Head of Radio and Digital at BBC Sport; David Mahoney, Director of Strategy, Policy and International at England & Wales Cricket Board; Jerry Newman, Sport Partnership Lead, EMEA at Facebook; Sara Sheridan, Head of Insight, BT TV and Content at BT; and Tomos Grace, Head of UK Sport at Youtube.


After the success of our Technology Pathfinders events in 2016, we are very excited to announce that we will be hosting more events throughout 2017! The first one will be held at the beginning of March and will be on video search and recommendation!

As content offerings and choices proliferate, how will search, recommendation and personalisation develop across the TV and media markets? In recent years, search and recommendations solutions have become more widely available, across different screens and devices. Today, media companies have to consider the role of algorithmic recommendations; the impact of voice, gesture and cross-device control on navigation and choice; natural language and contextual search; better experiences and optimised marketing; and so on. The potential benefits are huge – but many industry participants are uncertain and anxious about future market developments, as issues around transparency, prominence and investment come to the fore.

What is the current state of search, recommendation and personalisation technology in the UK media market? What will be the big new developments and trends over the next few years – and what will be the impact on broadcasters, pay-TV providers and media companies? How will new approaches, such as AI and machine learning, change the market? How will different recommendations and personalisation offerings interact, across different services, channels, platforms and devices? What are the trade offs between editorial curation and algorithmic-decisioning? How will the UX of the future develop and what will look most different?

We are delighted to announce that the panel for the event includes: Sarah Milton,All4 Head of Product, Channel 4; Andrew Scott, Launch Director myBBC, BBC; Phil Sellick, Lead Architect/Technologist, Advanced Video, Innovations and Trials, Liberty Global; Jon Gisby, Head of Europe, Vevo; Josh Wiggins, Chief Revenue Officer, GrayMeta and Adam Nightingale, VP EMEA, Accedo.

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In recent years, the UK has emerged as a market leader in advanced TV and video advertising. Major commercial broadcasters, TV platforms, digital video businesses, technology providers, trade bodies and media agencies have collaborated and competed to drive the market forwards – deploying a wide range of advanced offerings and capabilities into the UK market, including dynamic addressable TV and video, new forms of targeting, programmatic trading and ad-decisioning, better measurement, and other innovations.

However, many industry participants see storm clouds and uncertainties ahead. As competition intensifies, the market is becoming more fragmented, as platform capabilities become more uneven. Leading broadcasters and platforms still struggle to collaborate, meaning that many new offerings remain relatively small-scale. Measurement is moving forwards, but the market is a long way away from a total video solution. TV may be performing well, but it is still gradually losing share – and competition is set to intensify, leading to a more fragmented and competitive market.

How will advanced TV and video advertising develop in the UK during the next few years? Can TV bring new advertisers on board, or will digital capture the lion’s share? Can measurement catch-up with catch-up and the long, long tail of digital video – and does it need to? Will even the heaviest TV viewers begin to fall away, as competition from OTT and digital video intensifies – stealing ad spend, impressions and eyeballs? What steps do broadcasters and TV platforms need to take to fully unlock the potential of advanced TV advertising?

We’re delighted to announce that our panel for the event will include: Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director Sky Media UK & Group Director of Advanced Advertising at Sky PLC; Justin Gupta, Head of UK Broadcast & Entertainment at Google; Thomas Bremond, Managing Director, Europe at Freewheel; Laurence Miall d’Aout, VP Advanced Advertising at Liberty Global; Hitesh Bhatt, Regional VP, EMEA, at Samba TV; Jakob Nielsen, Group M Addressable TV Lead; and Graeme Lynch, Head of Business Development EMEA at TubeMogul.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our first Technology Pathfinders event of the year such a rounding success. We are delighted to announce the second event of the year in May, exploring Piracy and Security.

Content piracy is often described as a many-headed hydra – cut off one head, and three others emerge in its place. However, many industry participants feel that the problem is becoming ever more complex and challenging for video content owners and rights holders. As consumers increasingly watch video on a range of connected devices, broadcasters and operators have less control over the hardware and operating systems, opening the gates to hacked IP streams and pirate software. The industry is working to crack down on online piracy, including Amazon’s ban on ‘fully loaded’ Kodi boxes – but media executives are asking what more can be done to protect and secure their content. As it becomes increasingly easy to access pirate content in the comfort of your own living room, how best can the media industry act to protect revenues?

What challenges does piracy present today in the UK media market? What will be the big new developments and trends over the next few years – and what will be the impact on broadcasters, pay-TV providers and media companies? How can providers monitor and act against piracy as it becomes ever easier to share content online and access it on a range of devices? What is the role of technology solutions in supporting legal enforcement? Where in the ecosystem will the next major threats emerge – and what could companies be doing now to address them?

If you are interested in attending this event, please register at our Eventbrite page! For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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Do you know your ‘Finsta’ from your ‘Rinsta’? Do you know why teens are ‘streaking’?

We will be asking these questions at our Breakfast Seminar on Wednesday 24th May at The Hospital Club, where we’ll be exploring the theme: ‘How to influence Generation Z’. We are inviting a small group of senior colleagues from broadcast, digital and online media.

‘Gen’ Z’, those born after 1996, have grown up in a world that’s dramatically different to the one that Millennials came of age in. Economic and political instability has forced this generation to have its eyes open from the beginning, while the unstoppable rise of tech has created a group of true digital natives; ones who’ve never lived a life offline. Shaped by this changing climate, their attitudes and behaviours are distinctly different from their Millennial predecessors, a cohort they’ve already surpassed in size. In this context, media brands are having to develop fresh approaches to effectively target and influence this new breed of consumer.

We’re exploring what defines this new generation as well as the individuals, brands and organisations who are shaping their lives.

Join us at our Breakfast Seminar as we:

  • Offer an overview of what distinguishes this generation from their Millennial counterparts
  • Share for the first time, a piece of proprietary research we have undertaken looking at spheres of influence amongst 16-21s, including compelling video footage of the brands they buy into and why
  • Provide a forum for discussion amongst senior colleagues about how to best to target this up and coming cohort

Programmatic advertising has developed rapidly in recent years, accounting for nearly three-quarters of online display advertising in 2016 (£2.71bn), with significant growth coming from direct deals and private marketplaces. UK media owners are investing to develop their capabilities, building out private marketplaces and alliances, while media agencies develop their own amibitious plans for managing campaigns, owning data assets and leveraging new approaches. Many industry participants believe that programmatic can help to grow the overall advertising market, benefiting all parties by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

However, there are uncertainties ahead. The roles and responsibilities of industry participants are changing as advertisers, agencies, programmatic intermediaries, media owners and publishers explore different programmatic models and approaches. UK companies remain anxious about the changing roles of the major global internet businesses – as publishers, platforms, technology providers, data silos and intermediaries. The growth of mobile is creating new challenges, while Issues around transparency and data remain pressing.

How will the programmatic media market evolve over the next few years? What are the prospects for programmatic in TV, radio, outdoor and print? As media agencies and media owners develop their own capabilities, what role will intermediaries and service providers play? Is the adtech market set to consolidate dramatically – or is it set for further growth? Will open exchanges follow ad networks into obsolescence? How will the major internet platforms develop their programmatic capabilities and offerings – as platforms, publishers and service providers? Will programmatic drive industry consolidation and restructuring, as publishers look for scale?

MTM would like to invite you to a special Forum event, exploring the future of programmatic media, data and analytics in the UK. We’re delighted to announce that our panel for the event will include: Adam Ray, Global Head of Programmatic at Mindshare; Sean Ramsay, Head of Buyside Ad Exchange at Google; Steve Wing, Managing Director of UK, Ireland & Nordics at Rubicon Project; Matt McAlister, co-founder of and Media & Tech columnist for The Guardian; Alex Kirby, Head of Programmatic and Audience Data at Dennis Publishing; and Amit Kotecha, Marketing Director of EMEA at Quantcast.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register at our Eventbrite page! For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to make our Technology Pathfinders events such a rounding success. We are delighted to announce the third event of the year in July, exploring the management of OTT services.

The evolution of content consumption has driven seismic shifts in the media industry over the last five years. As consumers increasingly watch media outside of the living room, personalised according to their own schedule and on their chosen device, content providers have had to make substantial investments in delivery infrastructure and application development to keep up. We’ve seen the rise of some very advanced TV Everywhere and OTT solutions that meet audience needs – but what has it taken to get to this point? What is going on under the bonnet? And, perhaps more importantly, what’s next?

What are the challenges and pitfalls in delivering content across such a diverse range of devices? How have broadcasters and pay TV providers tech stacks had to change? What have we learned that we can take forward into delivering the next generation of OTT services? What does it mean to deliver a truly best in class product when multiplatform functionality is rapidly becoming a standard feature? How can services stand out and win the battle for screen time – whichever screen that might be?

The panel will include a range of technical and operational executives from within the major studios, home entertainment, pay TV and broadcasting as well as leading tech providers. We are delighted to have confirmed panellists representing Channel 4 and Babcock with more to be announced very shortly.

To confirm your attendance at this invite-only Technology Pathfinders event, please RSVP on our Eventbrite page. Any queries can be addressed to The event will commence promptly at 6pm, running through to 7.30pm, followed by drinks and networking at the bar. This event is free and invite-only and limited to 80 senior executives from the broadcasting and media industries.

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Events we are attending

Held at Liberum’s offices in London, Liberum is organising a TV day for UK media investors.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The future of TV
  • TV Advertising and its prospects
  • Addressable TV, IPTV, and other
  • Measurement systems, their impact, the timeline of introduction etc


The meeting will see high level executives from egta members discuss the future of TV and radio: “Market Intelligence Meeting” Some of the topics that will be tackled over the two days include: Effectiveness & RIO of radio and audio, Measurements and data challenges, and Television trade bodies in action.


egta offers for the first time a training designed to specifically meet the needs of markets and companies which have not yet (or have just) started to transform to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital world and are looking to equip their teams with the relevant tools and knowledge while making the most of their traditional business.


In partnership with Cable Europe, Cable Congress is back for 2017, with a forward-thinking future focused programme to help you lead the charge in the cable broadband market. 

As the global media and telecommunications industry moves with ever increasing speed towards a connected and converged future it is more important than ever to embrace the change and stay ahead of the curve.

In co-operation with CableLabs and CTAM Europe, the reinvigorated two-day programme will be packed with top tips for understanding and optimising the opportunities and challenges of the current market. Hear from the biggest names and most innovative operators in the business, equip yourself with the knowledge and power to succeed in a disrupted market, and gain insight and direction to empower and delight tomorrow’s digital citizen.

Join us in Brussels and be part of the connected European cable broadband market of tomorrow.


The second in our Tech Talk series explores the role of virtual and augmented reality in the modern business world. Enhancing the user experience has never been so important for businesses. New technology plays an integral role in this process and we are delighted to be joined by a panel of experts to share their insights into how they see the technology developing and how corporations are embracing the technology to enhance their users’ experience.


Europe’s leading event for entertainment marketing and design. Join Europe’s top broadcasters, agencies, and brands for two days of killer strategy, inspiring innovation, and award-winning creativity.

Part Reunion. Part Networking. Part Inspiration. 100% Awesome.


Impact 2017 has been designed to help you rise to the new commercial, political and social realities. Taking place in London on 14-15 March, this is a dynamic conference that will give you inspiration for change, intelligence for competitive edge, and strategies for tomorrow.

Impact 2017

We have reformatted our TV Connect show to reflect our 2017 theme ‘Disruptive Convergence: Redefining the audience-driven TV World’ Packed with new show floor features, there is even more reason to take part in TV Connect London than ever before. Book your visitor ticket to benefit from a whole range of free learning and networking opportunities!


TV Connect

The result of these once distinct fields of media, entertainment and technology are converging and becoming something far greater than the sum of their parts. That’s The M.E.T. Effect℠ — and it’s redesigning the very nature of how we live, work and play.

The Exhibits and Education Program at the 2017 NAB Show has been specifically tailored to showcase all aspects of The M.E.T. Effect and its impact on the Media and Entertainment industries. Explore new additions to this year’s program below.

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This panel will discuss how OTT offers untapped opportunities for TV providers, the rise of programmatic, and why maintaining strong relationships between TV ad buyers and sellers is key to success.

One of the digital television industry’s key events, each year we gather a host of key industry figures to talk about the issues affecting our industry. They share their insight with DTG Members and Summit delegates who enjoy lively debate and enjoyable networking sessions at what is always an informative and stimulating event.

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Now in its 2nd year, VR World is a two day conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond gaming. With 4 in-depth event tracks and over 150 leading speakers, no other European event covers the market in as much detail.

Amid unparalleled networking opportunities, you will have access to visionary speakers and case-study led content. Hear from inspirational keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions from key players redefining the boundaries for technology.

Discover the dedicated theatres which will cover key topics including:

Vision: Key trends in the market, monetisation, lessons learnt from the gaming world, advances in technology, killer Apps and what the future holds.

Experience: Opportunities for brands, product experiences, retail opportunities, uses in education, healthcare and event experiences.

Innovation: How immersive technologies will play a role in reinventing employee and customer experiences and introduce new opportunities for businesses.

Developer: Bringing together developers and creators of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences to share best practices and demonstrate new tools and technologies.

Connected TV World Summit 2017 is about the business models, ecosystem relationships, services and technology that will define the next decade of TV, and how media companies can triumph in the new world order that is emerging out post-convergence disruption.

We are focused on how video distribution is changing, the ongoing value of aggregation (and who the future aggregators will be), how content will be funded at a macro-level (including whether ad-funded television is viable, long-term), how services can be better monetized at a micro-level, who will produce the must-view content of tomorrow, how video storytelling could be revolutionized, and how costs and agility can be improved at every level of the value chain.

BroadcastAsia2017, Asia’s must attend international event for the pro-audio, film and broadcasting industries, wants you to leave your ‘Imagination Unbound’. Witness the state-of-the-art technologies / solutions presented by leading brand owners and solutions providers. Take away insightful knowledge from industry’s experts in BroadcastAsia2017 International Conference and join the various engaging and informative activities on the exhibition floor.

Congregate and network with professionals from Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Digital Media, Entertainment, Houses of Worships, System Integrators, Rental Houses and Education!


The ANGA COM – Exhibition and Congress for Broadband, Cable & Satellite has been Europe’s leading business platform for broadband operators and content providers for more than 15 years.

The event provides a broadband focused market place for network operators, vendors and content providers all over Europe.

Key topics are Gigabit Networks, Internet of Things, Personalized TV, TV Everywhere, Multiscreen, All over IP and WiFi.

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TVBEurope Strategy Week returns under a new name for the third year running  – this time bigger and better, bringing together a variety of broadcast, AV and pro audio focused events over the course of a week. Join us to debate the future of media & broadcast production and delivery, and understand the implications of current and future trends on your business.

MediaTech 360 provides exclusive content to help shape and define the future of broadcast, AV and pro audio as complimentary and converging markets. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the evolution of media and broadcast services, the network and infrastructures that will support them, and the impact of coming connected world technology through webinars, breakfast briefings, and a full two-day summit.

Join leading VR & AR experts from large multinational organisations and discover how different companies are adopting virtual & augmented reality across their business.

Apps World returns as part of London Tech Week’s new festival of technology ‘TechXLR8’ – showcasing a paradigm shift in the digital services industry.

Bringing together brands, developers and enterprises who are innovating in the multiplatform ecosystem to learn how to maximise personal assistants, conversational commerce and Chatbots to engage consumers.

Apps World

Advances in technology, shifting cultural norms and an expanding media landscape have led to a revolution in how media content is created, consumed and shared. The Media Research Summit examines the latest media consumer trends and predicts what this means for content producers in the near future.

Data is now an essential ingredient across all elements of decision making in the entertainment business, playing a key role in driving workflow efficiencies, re-shaping delivery and distribution approaches and enhancing both content discovery and consumer engagement.

Underpinned by improved systems and technology advancement, the industry is deriving significant benefit from leveraging, sharing and harmonising data led approaches, in being both pro-active and responsive in this rapidly evolving business sector.

The Children’s Media Conference is the most important event in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content for kids. We open our doors to delegates from television, radio, film, games, interactive media, magazine and book publishing, the licensing and toy sectors and the arts and culture sectors. For a flavour of how the CMC can work for you, read What has the CMC ever done for me?


The IBC Conference is an unrivalled global destination for discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the electronic media and entertainment industry, both in its sessions and in the range of networking opportunities it affords. This years theme was Transformation in the Digital Era: Leadership, Strategy and Creativity in Media and Entertainment.
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