Thoughtfully designed, passionately delivered consumer research

We believe in thoughtfully designed and passionately delivered consumer insight. We can offer a seamless blend of qualitative and quantitative research, employing the best choice of methodologies and analysis techniques to meet the needs of our clients.

Our areas of specialism

At MTM, we’re serious about our qualitative research. Every project is handled with care, from conception to delivery, by a senior team of qualitative specialists. Our ethos is to draw upon a combination of immersion and collaboration, embracing a wide range of new and established qualitative methodologies. We like to think creatively, but above all else, we ensure that we identify the best solution for every brief. We provide a deep understanding of audiences by striving to immerse ourselves in their worlds. We want them to be active participants rather than passengers in the research process. We share objectives, challenge and engage with audiences across multiple methodologies/touch points, so that they feel enthused and valued and we can provide more informed and developed thinking. When sharing findings, we translate qualitative insight into real people/scenarios, simplified concepts and actionable guidance that end audiences can access and use.

MTM conducts quantitative research that can help our clients size markets, segment their audience, track awareness and impact, monitor brand health, develop products and services, test new content offerings and advertising concepts, understand customer experience, or measure usage and attitudes. MTM’s quantitative research is characterised by very carefully thought-through research designs, delivered with a strong commercial edge that will drive your business forward. We design consumer-centric surveys and sampling that are based on an understanding of psychology.  We conduct thorough analysis that leaves no stone un-turned, and then we tell a clear story that doesn’t require our audience to have a statistics degree to understand it.

We help our clients build consumer brands – be they programme and channel brands for national television or consumer brands in the high street store. Our services range from brand health checks to new brand development and brand extensions.

We work with advertisers, the leading platform operators and broadcasters, and the leading online brands, to understand how to maximise advertising effectiveness. At MTM, we believe that each campaign is unique and its research deserves to be carefully considered and designed bespoke. Our research designs are consistent and strong.  We always include relevant benchmarks – such as test and control samples, pre and post waves, competitor ratings, or norms.  We explore and explain the performance of the medium, the message, the creative design and the fit between brands in a partnership. Our campaign evaluation research often includes the latest techniques such as cookie tracking or implicit response testing, and we are especially useful to know when it comes to demonstrating the impact of a new advertising format or emerging media platform. Our research directors are former winners of the 2009 Market Research Society award for Media and Advertising research, with the ‘In VoD We Trust’ advertising effectiveness study for 4oD.

We use digital and mobile media to understand and engage with customers and audiences in new ways. We are experts in mobile, web and AV based media research. Our Connected Digital Communities provide live on-going access to consumers so that our clients can listen to conversations and ask and answer questions in an instant.

MTM bridges the gap between you and your consumers. Make more informed business decisions by becoming actively involved in the research process and seeing at first hand what audiences really feel, think, say and do. The MTM proximity research specialists design bespoke ‘closeness’ solutions, tailored to deliver maximum impact. We host, manage and deliver a hassle-free service that is enjoyable for both clients and audience members. By bringing you closer you will interact directly with the audience, see them in real-life scenarios and learn who the faces are behind those numbers.