How to influence ‘Gen Z’

Earlier this year, MTM undertook an exciting piece of proprietary research looking at Generation Z, which we presented at one of our regular Breakfast Seminars. We explored what defines this new generation as well as the individuals, brands and organisations who are shaping their lives.

‘Gen’ Z’, those born after 1996, have grown up in a world that’s dramatically different to the one that Millennials came of age in. Economic and political instability has forced this generation to have its eyes open from the beginning, while the unstoppable rise of tech has created a group of true digital natives; ones who’ve never lived a life offline. Shaped by this changing climate, their attitudes and behaviours are distinctly different from their Millennial predecessors, a cohort they’ve already surpassed in size. In this context, media brands are having to develop fresh approaches to effectively target and influence this new breed of consumer.

Below are the four key contextual factors, identified through our research, which have shaped this audience:

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