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Future TV Advertising Forum Canada

Jon Watts, Director and co-founder at MTM, will be chairing the Future TV Ads Forum event taking place in Toronto on the 20th and 21st May. This event is run by Hubble Media and will focus on how the Canadian television industry should handle three exciting… Read More

MTM in the media

In 2014 MTM and the BBC conducted a major research study to provide an in depth understanding of how men and women feel they are portrayed in the media, and how this impacts on both content appeal and how audiences feel about themselves and wider… Read More

MRS Impact 2015 Conference – find out your gender profile

MTM and the BBC presented their paper ‘Blurred lines: exploring contemporary attitudes to gender portrayal in the media’ at the MRS Impact Conference in London, as part of the ‘Amplifying voices, uncovering truths’ session. You can complete this short questionnaire to find out your own… Read More

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MTM is an independent research and strategy consultancy. We are specialists in the media and technology sectors, providing expert advice to our clients on how to succeed in fast-moving, digitally-driven markets

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We provide services in four interrelated practice areas:

  • Consumer insight
  • Digital futures – market and policy research
  • Strategy and growth
  • Organisational change