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Queer Eye: How a Netflix reboot has conquered our hearts

If you don't know what a 'French tuck' is, or have yet to use the phrase 'Yas Queen!' chances are you haven't seen Queer Eye; Netflix's rebooted version of the mid-2000s Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The series follows five gay men… Read More

Welcome to co-viewing: where TV meets social

Facebook recently announced its expansion into the world of co-viewing with its newest feature, Watch Party, which allows groups of Facebook users to watch the same video simultaneously. As constant connectivity has become a prerequisite for modern life, it is not a huge leap to… Read More

In 2018, why are women still underrepresented on screen?

Frances McDormand's powerful Oscar acceptance speech earlier this year, highlighted the disconnect between Hollywood's purported commitment to diversity and the reality of women being underrepresented on screen. Her request that all of the female creatives in the room stand up and her suggestion that "we… Read More

Life beyond Netflix: Specialist OTT services find their niche

Once upon a time, there was Pay TV. This month, a report by Ofcom declared there are now more UK subscribers to streaming services than to traditional Pay TV.  Unsurprisingly, Netflix leads the way in the field of OTT services, with an estimated 9.1 million… Read More

The Great World Cup Hangover

Football has not returned to its initial place of residence. Instead, it has boarded the Eurostar and is heading direct to Paris Gare du Nord. Unfortunately, this nation’s appearance at a major tournament ran a course similar to others: initial cynicism, begrudging acceptance, rising hope,… Read More

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