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MTM at MRG Conference in Berlin

MRG 2014 The theme for this year’s MRG Conference was ‘breaking down barriers’, a historic reference to the location of the conference – Berlin. Over 2 days, we say 57 presentations from a varietal concoction of media research industry participants –… Read More

Three things we learnt this week

1. The awesome growth of video at the New York Times - headcount shifts from print to video "ad revenue for non-advertorial video has grown nearly 70% over the past year, and data shows that visitors to the Times web site are twice as likely… Read More

4 things that we've learnt this week

Reading by Claire Jones hivernoir What happens when a government department went to Silicon Valley? “With so many departments now building digital services we need to make sure that we’re not reinventing the wheel every time. Not doing everything ourselves… Read More

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Who are we?

MTM is an independent research and strategy consultancy. We are specialists in the media and technology sectors, providing expert advice to our clients on how to succeed in fast-moving, digitally-driven markets

What do we do?

We provide services in four interrelated practice areas:

  • Consumer insight
  • Digital futures – market and policy research
  • Strategy and growth
  • Organisational change