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Why RDR2 is a new frontier for entertainment

Red Dead Redemption 2, an expansive, epic open world video game exploring America’s wild frontiers, was released to widespread critical acclaim on Friday. It comes from Grand Theft Auto developers, Rockstar Games, but is rather more slow paced and sumptuous than its urban, adolescent brother.… Read More

Grey power: Why you should rethink what you know about older audiences

Over the last few months, MTM has given a lot of our time and attention to talking about young people and the media. This reflects a deep interest among the wider media industry in how young audiences consume content. But we thought it remiss of… Read More

Generation sensible: why so sensible?

A generation of young people are growing up in an uncertain world, characterised by global instability, terrorist threats, economic uncertainty and political division. It’s no surprise then that Gen Z are looking for stability in this tough, unpredictable climate; as a recent study points out,… Read More

Voicing their approval: kids’ love of voice tech

Children are at the heart of the voice technology revolution: they are the first generation for whom talking to technology is the new normal. A recent survey revealed that some 57% of smart speakers are purchased to entertain children, while another found that 70% of 8-17's had used voice… Read More

Monetising magic moments: the future for sports content

Last weekend saw one of the great events in the sporting calendar, golf’s Ryder Cup, end not with a bang but a whimper. The moment of victory for the European team came as the US’s out-of-sorts Phil Mickelson dobbed a feeble tee shot into the… Read More

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